Monday, October 08, 2007

Well, I have finally broken the 90,000 word barrier. It is kind of like breaking the sound barrier as now any extra words are just gravy up to 100,000. I have to admit that editing will have the exact word count fluctuating around 90,000 for a while yet. I am just about done writing my very last section before full editing begins. I can only hope that it will go smoothly from here on out.

Otherwise, the current postal strike is bringing me down. I lost my debit card last week and I have been waiting for the new card to arrive ever since. The money in my change box is starting to go low and I need to get more cash soon. I could get money from the bank but without my debit card, I have to bring two forms of ID (nicely my friends have offered to give me some until I get access again but I do not want to do that until I am truly desperate). That makes it a pain in the ass to get money so I have just waited. I may be forced to get money soon.

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