Friday, October 05, 2007

Well, I have started to write the last section of my PhD. At this point, I have 88,243 words. A friend of mine who just finished her PhD said that she had about 90,000 so I am in very good shape. I have also started working on the index for the thesis. I was told that it was not mandatory but I think it will give me a nice touch. As a side benefit, it is showing me where I have misspelled (or more to the point spelled properly in two different ways) words so I am having fun sorting that out and choosing one spelling.

I taught a class on "web resources" this week. Mostly, I just stood by the projector and showed people different websites and showed them how I used them. Not much there to explain really but everyone thought I did a good job so I must have. You would be amazed at how many people do not know what they can do with their computers or what is available to them on the web. Although, I do spend a bit too much time here.

Otherwise, not much else happening really. I lost my debit card last week so I do not have access to cash which makes it a bit difficult to do anything since I need two forms of ID to get cash. Oh the fun.

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