Sunday, November 18, 2007

As most of my friends are now working or are very involved in their schooling, we decided to have thanksgiving early this year. So, last night I went over to a friend's place and we had a thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of Americans. One of these I had already met at the principle's dinner a few weeks ago so it was a bit surreal. Another friend is in the brewing and distilling course at a local university and he brought an entire keg of home-made beer, which was excellent.

As it was traditional to have football on thanksgiving, we got regular updates on the Scotland vs. Italy game, which Scotland lost on a last moment header goal by Italy. It may have not been big guys wearing thirty pounds worth of padding to play Rugby but it was close enough for our tastes. Otherwise, it was your pretty normal thanksgiving. I hope everyone in the States can handle the security this year.

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