Friday, January 04, 2008

I just helped a friend of mine move out of her flat and back to the states with her fiance. The only problem with this is that she had a flat absolutely full of stuff and tried to do her move over the Christmas period. Yesterday, I helped move 38 boxes of stuff into my flat which are then going to be sent back to the states. I am in lots and lots of pain today and my flat is now a disaster area. As you can probably tell, organization was not my friend's strong suit in this whole affair. This was made up by the fact that I was taken out for another curry (whoo!) and drinks. So, all in all, it was a good trade.

Anyway, other than major muscle pain. The new year goes apace. I started a draft of my abstract and I am starting to fill out the paperwork to finish my PhD. I am still waiting on my supervisors to get back to me but that is expected. I would doubt that I would get back any corrections before the middle of the month or so. Hopefully, I will have the abstract done and my "intention to submit" paperwork in before then.

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