Monday, January 07, 2008

I think I am going to talk about how the UK is richer than the USA. Yep, it is official. Honestly, though, from my experience, the UK has always had a better quality of life than the USA. While having a larger per capita GDP than the US is good, it will not last forever nor are there indications that it will last for very long. However, given quality of life and being just plain richer, it is very very nice. One of the things that I have noticed living here most of all is the fact that things do not just change as quickly as the US or, at least, my part of it. It always seemed that change was all around me; pressing like a wet blanket on top of me. Here, it is much more focused and much more managed change. This does cause from time to time some frustration as things just do not move very fast but you get more used to it and life evens out in the long run.

Otherwise, I am working on my abstract for my thesis and I hope to have it done by the end of the week. After that, I will turn in my "intention to submit" and hopefully have a meeting with my professor and second supervisor. I will make the corrects that they ask of me and then I will submit formally for the finally process. I should be done a few months after that (time for the internal and external to read and evaluate it). After that, I have no clue. Probably looking for a job at that point. I do have a lead on one in Ireland but we will see. Otherwise, back to the abstract.

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