Thursday, January 31, 2008

While the references are all British, I think James MacMillan is definitely on to something here. I remember taking classes at Seattle University and being described as a "conservative" historian, which is probably why I fit in so well in Celtic Studies (a conservative field if there ever was one). The problems that I have especially with radical leftism is the fact that much of it is predicated on the assumption (not only of revolution for its own sake as MacMillan describes) that reality is not real. This is very true of literature and literary studies today. The theory has so far divorced itself from reality (ever tried listening to a post-modern literary theorist speak or, more like, fail to speak?) that it has become difficult not either to laugh or to cry. A child who wraps themselves in poly-syllables and rarely used words to have a pretend tea party. You either get confused (most people) or you are so startled by the reality of the situation that you are struck dumb (i.e. "conservative" or more likely thinking people). This does not mean that espouse the politics of those who call themselves "conservatives", especially in the United States today, but it does mean that I admire more readily those who take reality seriously (and the reality of the poor and the oppressed even more so).

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