Saturday, February 09, 2008

I am sorry that I have not been inspired to write lately. Things have happened but I have just had no real want to put them down. The most important thing is that I have turned in my "intention to submit" my thesis after much wrangling of my supervisor. I am happy that it is in but now the clock is ticking. I spent much of the day in my office working on the last bits that my second supervisor had for me. I am also waiting on my primary supervisor to get some final corrections for my introduction and my conclusion. He thinks that they are the most important parts of the thesis.

I also had a fellow PhD student with whom I learned Old Irish to look at my thesis (the second chapter to be specific). We spent three and a half hours talking about it on Friday. Well, I came away from that meeting feeling as if I had completely missed the boat on understanding the literature and basically failed in my Ph.D. Although, I would not be as far as I am if my professor did not think the thesis was worth-while. Anyway, I am reconsidering my career path at this point in time. There is still time to go back to IT.

Also in the news dump today, my professor wants the top person in my field to look at my thesis. I quote and cite this person more than anyone else in my thesis. It is bit daunting. I have heard that the person is nice so it should be alright but they are an exacting scholar. We will see on that score.

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