Sunday, September 21, 2008

As many of you have already figured out by now, the American economy has now gone down the toilet. I am, as many are, very angry about this and I am now extremely distrustful of the entire banking system. It seems that they, the bankers, are always engineering ways of parting us from our cash in more and more frightening and obvious ways while the politicians and "bank regulators" hush us to sleep with their crafty lies. I have completely lost trust in the current financial system.

As a consequence of this, I am very much thinking about starting to buy gold and silver coins. Some of my friends and family have warned me not to do this or have said that "there is nothing to worry about; the FDIC will fix it". However, buying precious metals are the only way of taking your wealth out of the system where those grubby little liars cannot get at it. Gold and silver, while they fluctuate, never actually use their value. In the case of a complete collapse of the system, you can still trade it for goods and services. One of my main objectives in doing this is to take my economic ball and go home. I am sick and tired of their outright lies and their twisting of the truth such that they (the bankers and politicians) always get richer and we (the common person) always get poorer.

I encourage everyone to do this. If done on a massive scale, this will force them to negotiate with the common man in a fair and equitable way. Basically, to entice us back into their system, they would have to make massive concessions in the way that banking and investing is done such that we are enriched by it rather than bankers and their political cronies.

I think, in a way, this is caused by too many years playing D&D where everything is denominated in gold, silver, and copper pieces and too many Old Irish tales where almost everything is traded either in livestock or gold and silver. So, yeah, I might loose my shirt, as my brother recently told me but I can with this make a statement about how much I trust the bankers and their economic theory tripe.

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