Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, there has been some kind of screw up with the paperwork for my PhD. A friend of mine who did his viva after mine got his corrections letter from the post-graduate committee on Friday. I decided to wait to see if mine was just lost in the post. After the post arrived without it this morning, I went over to the post-grad office to see what was up. Of course, the person who I needed to see was not there so I left my email address for her to get back to me. She did, which I was surprised at, and I got some bad news. It seems that there was some question with my paperwork for my examination which they had to get clarification about. They just received the clarification today so I am scheduled for the next meeting on October 7. This probably means that I will not be graduating in December. I do not know that for certain yet but I will find out tomorrow afternoon. Given the complete meltdown that begun with my viva, I am not confident that I will even get my PhD at this point. I sent an email to my supervisor with the response from the post-grad office and I will see what he says. I will let everyone know if something goes horribly wrong (given the way things have been going for me lately, that is a distinct possibility).

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