Sunday, November 16, 2008

I was thinking that I should put something more substantial on this blog. Sorry that I have been out of place. The corrections on my PhD were taking a good portion of my time.

Anyway, last Saturday a friend of mine gave me a call and said that she needed to go to Stranraer in Aryshire. I had never been out there so I said that I would. She does translation for the government and they had asked her to go out there. In any case, it takes quite some time to get there by car via the motorways. We left at 7am and made our way out of Edinburgh then through Glasgow. We had to make a pitstop so we stopped at Kilmarnok. While I was making my own pitstop, she got a phone call that said that they did not need her services, which left us in Kilmarnok with nothing to do. So we pulled out the Rough Guide to Scotland. When looking up Kilmarnok, it said that it was a "shabby industrial town" with not much to do. I have to say after seeing the town myself, it is a very nice wee town and in no way "shabby" or particularly "industrial".

In any case, we decided that we would drive across Lanarkshire and the Borders back to Edinburgh. We had meant to stop in Lanark but we basically missed it as it is the size of a postage stamp. It was a great drive, however. The hills were beautiful in their fall colors and the road wound its way across the countryside. I would highly recommend taking the A roads across there if you ever have the chance. I had meant to take photos while I was in Ayrshire but I did not get the chance.

It was an enjoyable morning. I hope to get out that way again sometime.

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