Monday, January 10, 2005

Some of you may remember my first attempt at transcribing a poem that my professor gave me. Well, I gave it another shot today. I think the results are much better this time. This time, I had Kuno Meyer's transcription with me. In any case, here we go:

F. Nrcua(1) mé.
     lilfes do neoch dar a [???] (2).
     gel gach núa lon[n]cach sgíth.
     ní hi[nn]a[nn] fith(2) fo geb cách.

C. A Fith[ail].
     an biucá[n] g[ur]dar síthaig.
     ní íad do char ar rathaib.
     fáth[aig] cid fir nach fith[ail].

F. A Corm[ac].
     co meit (3) ráilli 7 orrd[ir]c.
     cid einech rígh ro[n]tidnaic.
     atar di[m]daig di artob[air]t.

C. A F[thail].
     eb[ur] cid lin[n] íar lithaibh.
     bíd [con]ths[?] ar i muir bíd ítr iar nóla F[ithail].

F. Is do[m] fráth.
     sloin[n]fetsa deit crleírluath.
     is[ed] is mesa fŕair laech.
     beith ac tig[er]na gaeth grach.

C. Gid meisi ní cél ar nech.
     bid rasal gid air deibech.
     is[ed] is messa tic tech.
     amsi (4) innáil oribech(5).

F.  Ní hail da[m].
     s[er]c dri[n]e ná cham cara.
     nrga tornein (6) ort mo bi[r]g.
     cid cia[n] omtír do[m]rala.

C. Is gnáth otosach do[m]am.
     ór oc ríghaib ra rog[ain].
     nirbáil da[m] beith gan a[m]os.
     7 ro caros mḟol[aid].

F. Cain gardi caither mo ré.
     oc ríghaib i[n] do[m]ai[n] ce.
     arm choemr ór 7 ec[h].
     ce gaba nech ní ba me. N.

(1)Meyer is transcribing what looks like a "v" but may also be an "r" as a "v". The only problem is that Irish has NO V (this has been a public service announcement from your local Celtic Studies major) so it cannot be a "v". I am going to talk to my professor about it.

(2)I have NO clue what this word is and I bet neither does Meyer.

(3)There is a length mark that is between both characters. Meyer puts it over the "i" but I feel like it should be over the "e".

(4)I put amsi and he has amus but it clearly does not look like a "us" to me.

(5)He has oirbir but I cannot see where he is getting that.

(6)He is missing the "i" in this word.

Well, that is it for this. I still have some questions but it is much clearer this time. I think that is a combination of having a transcription and already looking at it once.

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